The technological innovation of Superstudio Più, the largest private location in the center of Milan, goes further: two years ago the direction of events has passed under the management of the young manager Tommaso Borioli. With a new vision, which looks at the global market and its needs, with more attention to new technologies and sustainability, together with a lot of research and a bunch of super efficient collaborators, the location has taken on a more international dimension, attracting large IT events that choose Milan for the first time for their meetings and congresses. Technology is a strength of Superstudio Più: in addition to adopting solutions that guarantee extremely low power consumption, cabling in all venues with high-speed optical fiber, installing new generation air-conditioning systems and other specific solutions, the replacement of all the spaces usually occupied by PVC banners has been completed and high-definition LEDs banners allow not to use plastic materials. This solution offer to customers the possibility to have their logo, videos or claims more visible than ever. This month, the installation of an all-LED portal has been completed: visible from afar, gives the chance to change images remotely, in real time, for the happiness of customers who have chosen Superstudio for their events

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