“TIME, a neofuturistic life”, exhibition at Le Biciclette

Wednesday 10 May at 6.30pm at the Galleria Le Biciclette in Milan the exhibition “TIME, a neofuturistic life” will open, exhibiting the works of Luca Bestetti, Giorgio De Chirico’s only student. Like De Chirico (Volo, 1888 – Rome, 1978) Bestetti’s artistic expression is determined by his biography.

biciclette_micoLuca Bestetti, heir of the oldest Italian art publishing house, which from 1906 had among its published artists, in addition to De Chirico, the most important names in Italian art history, such as Gregorio Sciltian, Renato Guttuso, Mario Sironi, Massimo Campiglio and Carlo Carrà, who often visited the Roman home of another important figure included among those published, Gabriele d’Annunzio.

Luca was born in Milan in 1964. He gained his artistic education from the Scuola del fumetto, and after 1980, he was raised in Los Angeles, moved by the desire to investigate the artistic passion in relation to its social fruition in a philosophical-spiritual investigation.

In life, Bestetti loves balance, engines, woman, movement and speed, technology, space. His experimentations have created experiential art. Bestetti sees art as means for human dialogue, bringing it outside galleries and museums, to the mechanic’s workshop, cafés, boxing gyms and streets to directly involve the viewer.

A multifaceted artist (his father Carlo was the first publisher to give institutional space to the minor arts) he is a champion skateboarder, motocross driver, rodeo cowboy in Colorado, a country singer, fashion designer, and singer of the Rockets who topped the charts in 2003. Bestetti has taken inspiration from these experiences that have accompanied his artistic activity, without ever abandoning ontological painting together with his study of engines, motorcycles and the art of their maintenance.

Actor of concepts of speed and movement as a metaphor of existence and technology, as a possible if not automatic instrument of human elevation, he provides further innovative continuity to the path paved by the Milanese Futurists.

“Besetti – Time, a neofuturistic life”
From 9 May to 20 Mary 2017

Le Biciclette Arte

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