The tools that are changing training courses


MZ Congressi, with its 30 years of experience, is one of the most important Providers of services in the meeting industry, mainly in the healthcare sector and is based in Milan. The evolution of training tools has always been the main interest of the company, within the MZ Education department.

They are CME accredited provider and coordinate a team of expert educators, offering professional training courses. They are Ethical MedTech Certified and Trusted Partner.


The organization of a Training Course is not a simple task as the technical and scientific skills that a Provider needs to have, as well as their own professional organization aspect, are numerous. Requests come from the entire healthcare world. Professionalism aides MZ in being able to understand the needs and requests of the clinician, identifying the most appropriate centres, that have adequate space and suitable services, defining specialized tutors, and knowing what tools are necessary for that specialty in order to create an environment as similar as possible to an actual working one.


Why MZ Congressi and why Milan? MZ Congressi (link, with its 30 years of experience, is considered as one of the most important provider of services for the healthcare meeting industry in Milan. Innovation in education and training tools are the prime focus for this innovative company. Training courses have evolved from traditional lectures, to online training and courses in simulation centres, up to the more modern approaches that allow “direct experience” such as Wet Labs.

MZ Congressi is known as being the point of reference for those who need a consultancy and/or those who are looking for an expert provider that can scout an appropriate centre, suitable for the training activities that are planned, especially in the Milan area.

The city of Milan offers numerous well-equipped training centres, both public and private.

Why is the most current training methodology represented by direct experience? Because through a closed and controlled environment, where participants can perform complex procedures and repeat them without the pressure of surgical urgency, this is a valuable experience that allows the knowledge consolidation acquired in theory. This is not the only aspect. This type of training permits an understanding of the indications and contraindications and, last but not least, the opportunity to evaluate alternative surgical techniques and to discover new technology.

During the XIII Form Risk Management in Healthcare, on 28th November during the session discussing the tools of change, MZ Congressi – represented by Anna Grossi – was able to demonstrate professional skills regarding the organization of a high-level educational event, specifically in the case of the Cadaver Lab, where surgeons perform procedure on cadavers.

The topics discussed were resistance to change, the use of simulation in the training of the future generation of doctors and of how and what is needed to organize a Cadaver Lab event. The “take home message” was to try to undermine the old beliefs of and on simple academic lessons.


MZ Congressi is convinced that the best practice in education begins with academic lectures but should also consider simulation and practical activities using the latest technology.

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