Triennale’s Garden with a View

On the ground floor of Giovanni Muzio’s Triennale, when Spring arrives, the Triennale’s Giardino con Vista (Garden with a View), a picturesque location overlooking the green lawns of Sempione Park and Giorgio De Chirico’s dreamlike “Mysterious Baths” reopens. From 12 to 9.30pm you can eat Gourmet Hamburgers, salads and stuffed focaccias, have a snack or an aperitif and try one of the restaurant’s special Gin and Tonics.

The kitchen is open from 12 to 3.30pm with table service under the shady pergola or at the social tables you share with other diners.
At the “Giardino” you can choose one of the tasty “Gourmet Hamburgers” made with meat (
Chianina Burger), fish (Octopus Burger) or vegetables (Veggie Burger with chickpeas, grilled eggplant and Genovese pesto), a light salad or one of the appetising “Stuffed Focaccias” like Mare with marinated salmon and a layer of mascarpone cheese with mint and rocket.


There are dishes on the menu for children (the fenced-in garden is a perfect location for parents and children), for those who are attentive to their health (pressed and fresh squeezed juices and smoothies) as well as for vegetarians.

Happy Hour begins at 6pm and is served with tastings of pizza and focaccia, as well as crackers, olives and fresh vegetable pinzimonio, but the real specialties are found on the cocktail list: a menu dedicated to Gin and Tonic made with spiced tonic waters and sought-after Gins chosen by bar manager, Luis Hidalgo and his team. Among these, you will find the Botanical Lavender (made from British Bulldog and Schweppes Premium Mixer Orange Blossom & Lavender) and the summery Flamenco (Spanish Gin Mare with Schweppes Premium Mixer Cardamom and Ginger).

At the “Giardino” you can organise lunches, snacks and aperitifs for groups of up to 50 people (info: 349 5646175 email:


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