Le Biciclette Art Bar & Bistrot celebrating 20 years

Le Biciclette Art Bar & Bistrot is celebrating growing up and reaching 20 years of age but still has the same unquenchable desire for fun it had when it opened, back in 1998.

It has become the place to be for a smart, fashionable Milan after starting out as an innovative concept for the city: an Art Bar with an international vibe.

It is not just a bar but a think tank, a location set up as an art gallery, capable of transforming and updating itself while welcoming and ever more diverse public.

An essential address for the Milanese Aperitivo and Sunday Brunch, the food and cocktails also contribute towards the success of Le Biciclette: contemporary Italian cuisine but also gourmet hamburgers and home-made chips.

For the Design Week 20th “Fuori Salone” Le Biciclette presents “Cycling in style”, a collection of coolest and stylish cycling brands (kitchen open up to midnight)

Le Biciclette Art Bar+Bistrot – Via Torti angolo Corso Genova – 20123 Milano – +39 02 58104325 / +39 02 8394177


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