Air Italy: direct flight from Milan to Bangkok

Bangkok could be easier to join from Milan. Air Italy has announced the new direct flight from Malpensa airport to Bangkok, that will operate starting next September, 9th.

The new flight between the milanese Airport and the capital of Thailand will be active 4 times a week, on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

It will take off from Milan at 14.45 with arrival at 06.50 local time the next day, while from Bangkok the return flight will leave at 08.50 with landing at Malpensa at 15.40. On Monday the schedule changes: the departure from Milan is planned at 18.55 (arrival in Bangkok at 11.00) and from Thailand it takes off on Tuesday at 1.00 pm with landing in Italy at 19.50. The flight time is approximately eleven hours and 30 minutes.

The launch of this new route is a highlight of the development plan of Air Italy, which includes in 2018 six intercontinental flights from Milan Malpensa and five national routes.

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