monzino (Small)

In Milan the first hospital exclusively devoted to Cardiac care

Research improves care. Based in Milan, Monzino is the first and the largest hospital in Europe exclusively devoted to Cardiac care, with advanced therapies and innovative technologies.

CCM clinical activity is performed on 4 main areas: Cardiovascular Imaging (diagnostic services), Interventional Cardiology (heaemodinamic and electrophysiology),Cardiovascular Surgery, Critical and Clinical Cardiology.

The Clinical activity of CCM is patient oriented and based on multidisciplinary projects and activities involving all the cardiovascular areas in order to provide the best possible experience for patients.

Moreover the research performed at Centro Cardiologico Monzino involves all the Institute’s Units and is aimed at developing innovations in the diagnostic therapeutic field and transferring the results of scientific work into clinical practice.

In 2013, the research activity led to 153 publications in scientific magazines (total of 881,86 Impact Factor points). Currently there are 144 research projects and 51 Clinical Trials running.

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