Milan Polytechnic patents intelligent bench

The intelligent bench, patented by the Milan Polytechnic, is the result of the collaboration of a team of designers and engineers.

It features electrical sockets, wi-fi, 24hr SOS system, rain sensor, burglar and vandal proof systems. It is antibacterial, anti pollution, self-cleaning, tough, light, glows in the dark and it’s also recyclable.

The bench structure is made of composite materials used in aeronautics. It is a “sandwich” of expanded PVC covered by unidirectional carbon fibre fabrics and epoxy resin, making it thin, and light but tough at the same time. The surface is made of carbon steel and the central core of pure carbon, while the edges are treated with a resin which can absorb sun light and release it at night to make the bench visible.

The other key feature of the intelligent bench is its overall safety. When raining, it can disable all power sources while keeping only the SOS system active. This will be managed 24 hrs by an operation centre with a two-way voice communication system.

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