Smart City: Milan keeps the top

Milan, Florence and Bologna: despite different performance, the three Italian cities are still the “smartest” ones in the country.

These cities were able to develop and implement processes of digital change and innovation to improve the quality of life of their inhabitants, favor business, achieve objectives of economic and environmental sustainability and increase their competitiveness rate.

The ICity Rate 2015 was developed by Forum PA for Smart City Exhibition, which took place in October in Bologna. The rank considered 150 statistics parameters to measure the degree of “intelligence” of 106 district cities according to 7 criteria – economy, livability, environment, human capital, mobility, governance and, as a new introduced criterion, legality, unavoidable requirement for the right development.

Milan still keeps the top among the Italian cities, reinforcing its smart characteristics of economy, livability, human capital and still keeping a good rank on mobility, governance and environment.

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